Diagnose Malaria - next COVID

Diagnose Malaria - next COVID

Malaria is one of the fatal diseases in the world after HIV/AIDS. This has been attributed to the various reasons such as lack of enough facilities to cure the disease and not being able to diagnose the disease within a short time. Currently, a lot of technological innovation have been incorporated to ensure that the fatal rate of Malaria has gone down. At the moment, a device that can diagnose the disease within 5 seconds has already been discovered. This is one of the tremendous innovations so far in the world at the moment.

John Lewandoski, a Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering, is the man behind the discovery of this device. He has provided a long lasting solution for the early detection of the Malaria diseases just within 5 seconds. This will result in early treatment before the symptoms worsen. The Mechanical device that he designed was named RAM (Random Assessment of Malaria). This is one of the tremendous devices that will provide a significant role in the fight against Malaria.

The RAM device (Random Malaria Assessment) was added to the three ways in which you can test Malaria. This includes using a Microscope and performing a blood sample test like the pregnancy test. The RAM device (Random Malaria Assessment) also uses the blood drop from a patient for it to diagnose the disease in the human body. The RAM device (Random Malaria Assessment) is made up of the following components an LCD screen, SD card slot, few magnets laser, small circuit board and a disposable plastic cuvette. Using the magnetic principles, he was able to detect the iron crystals that the Malaria parasite produces which are magnetic in nature. Thus, the primary purpose of the magnet is to draw the iron crystals in a horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction. The laser will enable in the diagnosis of the disease by identifying the pattern. It's very simple if the disease is not there then there will be no the iron crystal and thus, the diagnosis test will turn negative.

This technology has got a lot of benefits. First, it's very cheap. Comparing the price of a microscope with this device then one would rather consider acquiring this device. Thus, this device will be very efficient to work in the Sub-Saharan region where there is little or no funds to treat Malaria. It's very fast and efficient when it comes to detecting Malaria. Within the first 5 seconds and the diagnosis is done.

The RAM device (Random Malaria Assessment) will be going for around $ 100- $ 120. This is quite affordable as compared to the price of a Microscope. As generation goes by new technological inventions are being realized, and this is a sure way that more diseases will be cured as long as the technology is incorporated with health. More devices are expected to be unveiled so as to enable the doctors to quarantine most of the epidemic and pandemic disease. This is an important role of technology in our lives. Hopefully find COVID next!