Digital dating etiquette

Digital dating etiquette

Using online technology has definitely revolutionized the way people in the 21st century approach dating. It has made it so much more convenient to fit this aspect of modern life into otherwise hectic schedules. Approaching potential partners via websites also allows for a degree of caution. However, it is important not to get too carried away with shortcuts offered by the online experience. Like anything else through the years, just as technology has involved so has the etiquette associated with it. So here is a list of common and do's and don'ts associated with digital dating etiquette.

Regardless of the potential importance any text message has, you should always stay focused on the task in hand. If you are on a first date, avoid the temptation of checking your mobile every few minutes. Similarly, don't text while you are in the middle of a social situation, such as a meal or a drink. Singular texts can quickly develop into conversational threads, which can prove to be extremely distracting for the person you should be trying to impress.

If you are expecting some crucial call or text, at least give your partner a heads-up, explaining the nature of the communication, and why it is so important than an immediate response is required. When the call comes in, apologize and leave the table or bar area in order to quickly deal with the call. This is the most important aspect – don't leave a dinner date high and dry while you get involved in some serious conversation. You must be able to prioritize, explaining to the caller, if needs be, that you will call them back later, only you are right in the middle of something at the moment. A good pointer is to leave your phone or silent or vibrate mode to avoid it detracting your attention.

When it comes to arranging a date, make the contact through an actual call, rather than a text. Even if you have been pursuing a relationship through a dating site, via a series of emails or text messages, actually make the effort to speak to someone is surefire way of getting to know them better. When you actually go out on your first date, the ice will have already been broken. You have already sowed the seeds for an effective and respectful arena of communication.or vibrate mode to avoid it detracting your attention.

Honesty is a policy to be observed at all times. If you are entering an online dating scenario in the spirit of meeting someone with the potential to become a good friend, or perhaps even a long-term partner, then there is absolutely no point in inventing a tissue of lies about yourself. The moment the truth comes out, the other party will discover they have found out you possess one of the worst traits possible: untrustworthiness.

When it comes to using social media, it is best to avoid tagging your date on your Facebook page, or other sites. On the one hand, this will avoid the temptation to invite comments from your friends – which might have an adverse affect on how you perceive your date. And think of what would happen if you date happened to come across comments made by a third party, who perhaps had neglected to implement the appropriate privacy setting on their Facebook. It also avoids giving the impression that you are more interested in boasting about your ‘trophy' date than genuinely wanting to get to know the person.