High-tech hotels in Asia

High-tech hotels in Asia

As the world becomes more technology dependant, it becomes imperative for hotels to offer guests more than a comfy bed to sleep in. On the contrary, hotels need to ride the wave of technology changes to attract the new generation of tech savvy travellers.

Colour TV and vibrating beds were once associated with high-tech hotels, but nowadays it takes more state-of-the-art amenities to attract guests. This new generation of travellers expect even more in the form convenience, accessibility and artistic design, which can be achieved through technology and innovation.

Asia - and Japan in particular - houses some of the most modern and high-tech hotels in the world, offering amenities at the cutting edge of technology. Here are some of the best high-tech hotels in the continent:

Henn Na Hotel Tokyo (in photo)

Innovation and technology are palpable in this Japanese hotel from the moment reach the front desk. There you will be greeted by three robots instead of staff. These human-like and dinosaur robots check guests in at the front desk and they are even capable of engaging in basic conversation in both English and Japanese.

Henn na - literally translated as Weird Hotel - does not only use these robots to impress guests or seem high tech, but to maximise efficiency. Indeed, Henn Na Hotel relies on both robotics and human workers to ensure guests are well looked after. Apart from checking guests in at the front desk, guest rooms feature a miniature robotic personal assistant capable of providing local dining and entertainment recommendations. Beyond the robots, guest rooms are not only equipped with typical tech amenities such as free Wi-Fi and touch screen HVAC control panels, but also with a facial recognition system that unlocks your room door and a “Radiant Panel” air conditioning system that adjusts the temperature according to your body heat. All of these features will keep you glancing around to see if you spot James Bond.

The Peninsula Tokyo

If you were to expect a Minority Report-type of accommodation, you'll probably expect it to be in Tokyo. Once more, Japan is pioneering the cutting edge of high-tech hotels with the luxurious The Peninsula Tokyo. Located in the high-end Marunouchi business district - only a few minutes away from the famous Tsukiji fish market - this ostentatious property is buzzing with modern and impressive features. All 314 guest rooms live and breathe luxury, featuring over 3,000 Internet radio stations, huge flat-screen TVs, customisable mood lighting, and Skype-capable wireless phones. As impressive as it sounds, the hotel also offer guests exclusive access to a number of luxury cars such as BMW 750s, a Tesla Model S, and two Rolls-Royce Phantoms. Apart from being a playground for adults, the hotel also offers children an interactive Pokemon treasure hunt, that is only to real thanks to augmented reality.

W Singapore at Sentosa Cove (Sentosa Island, Singapore)

W Singapore are popular for being the most modern hotels brand in the world and W Singapore at Sentosa Cove is no exception. There you will enjoy uber-high tech luxury amenities, like LED lighting pulsing throughout the hotel and creating a nightclub-esque atmosphere. Rooms are equipped with 40-inch flat-screen TVs, Bose speakers and iPod docks. That is, however, nothing compared to the $9,000-per-night Extreme WOW Suite, which features a private DJ booth. The hotel also boasts a beautiful pool with underwater speakers.

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel (Shenzhen, China)

From the reception desk to the waitstaff to the doorman, the hotel relies entirely on robotics, from the reception desk to the waitstaff to the doorman. This is one of Shenzhen's most high-tech hotels, featuring a use of neon lighting, multiple computer banks and 17 capsule beds designed to mirror the hyperbaric sleep chambers from the film Alien. The design makes the hotel look futuristic. Beyond the design and robots, technology doesn't play a big role in the hotel as a whole and the number of amenities is low, but on the bright side, that means that the hotel is not that expensive and it's ideal for travellers on a budget who want to stay in the city.

Some other high-tech hotels worth mentioning are Aloft Bangkok - which uses technology in its design to optimize convenience for guests and W Taipei - which uses technology in a quirky way. Aloft Bangkok features robotic butlers and voice-activated rooms that can even run baths and set alarms that will make you feel like you are in a film. Meanwhile, W Taipei features typical high-tech amenities like LCD flat screen televisions and modern sound systems, but what makes it special is that it houses a wall with an interactive grid of OLED lights that will change based on your movements.